Industrial Run


I’ve been trying to find some running routes near my house that don’t suck. I had the perfect route that I ran all the time by my old apartment. It went up South Temple towards the University of Utah, through some really nice neighborhoods and then over through the avenues. It was slightly uphill and gave me great views of Salt Lake City. The runs over by my new house are kind of boring.

Naturally, Koda and I went exploring today to see if there was anything good nearby. Out on our adventure we took a wrong turn and had to run way out of our way through an industrial area in order to make the long loop to get back home. Every time a semi or large truck would pass us he would kind of get kind of freaked out and get behind me. It was kind of sad, but he survived. It ended up being a decent run, but I would not take that route again.

On another note, I always try to get Koda to not pull on the leash when we go on a run. I always tug on him and say, “Koda,” but it never works. Turns out, all I have to say is, “No!” or, “Koda, no!” and he’ll quit it. He’s such the perfect dog!

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