The Great Salt Lake

I went for a short run today. Boy, am I out of shape!? I ran almost every day 2 summers ago, but last summer I didn’t run nearly as much, and now I’m paying for it. It was nice to get away from the city for a minute and catch some fresh-albeit somewhat smelly air, and the 50 degree weather was pristine for running.


I drove out about 16 miles from Salt Lake City to the Saltair where they have some concerts. It’s right on the lovely tropical shores of the Great Salt Lake. (In this instance lovely and tropical should be interpreted as smelly and bizarre.) It’s different from any place I have really ever been, which I why I like to go out there I suppose. It really does have an alien beauty to it. Most people in Utah hate visiting the lake, but I find it fascinating and beautiful.

Looking out at the Great Salt Lake
Looking out at the Great Salt Lake


The run itself was okay. As I previously mentioned, I am really out of my running mode and on top of that, have been eating really awful the past few days. So, as I ran I had really bad heartburn. Seriously, some of the worst heartburn I have ever had before, but I kept running (I had to pick up Kiana from school, and I couldn’t be late)! I ran about 3.5 miles today. I need to pick it up if I’m going to be in half-marathon shape by the end of this summer again.

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