Hikes, Traverses, and Bluebird


What an awesome day at Snowbird! I got there about 3 minutes before first chair. It was about 29 degrees, which was perfect. The snow, which was pretty tracked out, was still very soft, dry, and fluffy. I decided to go exploring and see how much powder I could find. My first real adventure was Upper Tiger Tail all the way down to the bottom, but my favorite run by far was towards Keyhole from the High Baldy Traverse (Pictured above). I have never done anything from High Baldy before because it required taking off my board and hiking uphill at 11.000 feet, which runs me out of breath pretty quickly. Today was such a perfect day, I had nothing to complain about, so I did it and enjoyed the scenery and the sun!

I was following the traverse for what seemed like forever, but I just wanted to see how far I could get, so it was fine. Well, other than my calves were killing from all that running, and traversing amplifies that. Soon I was riding along the ridge that separates Alta and Snowbird. I was a tad worried I would cross the boundary by accident and some Alta guy would have yelled at me for Snowboarding on his precious hill. That didn’t happen, though. Eventually, I made it to what I’m pretty sure is Keyhole which was a really fun run! There is tons of powder to be had out there if you’re willing to work a little for it.

My view from the High Baldy Traverse

I spent a most of my day on Gadzoom, Gad 2, and Little Cloud (All on the West side of the mountain) finding some powder in the trees and having a blast! Not much to complain about on a day like today.

Tiger Tail
Swarms of people headed to Little Cloud to find freshies when they dropped the rope on Road to Provo

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  • Michelle

    Great post. Sounds like an awesome day!