Walking Down the Trail


We decided to go on a hike with Koda today, which we figured might be a bad idea when we saw how low the snow line was on the mountains. We headed up Millcreek Canyon anyway to see what was up there. Actually, we were heading for Mount Aire. However, we soon found out that the canyon road was closed just a few miles up the canyon, so we had to stop short of our destination. We let Koda play around in the snow for a little bit. He loved it.  We only stayed for a few minutes before we decided that it was too cold and snowy to hike in Millcreek Canyon, so we headed back down.

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We remembered walking along a trail near the bottom of Parley’s Canyon one time. It was all nice and nestled beneath the freeways. Actually, it’s not that close to the freeways. We headed over there with Koda and took him for a nice walk along the dog off-leash area. He made so many friends and ran and ran and ran. Oh, and he went swimming in the creek, too. Lest we forget.

It was a really enjoyable time which was cut too short because I had work yesterday. I’m sure we will be back there soon enough.

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Oh, and because he got so muddy, we decided to give him a bath today.  He did not like that. Not one bit.


Also, I promise this won’t turn into a blog of our dog. We’re just so excited because he’s so awesome, and brand new!турция отдых в мае отзывыбаннер рекламапродвижение сайтов сеоiaudio 9срочно нужен водительвулкан килиманджароЭкран от солнца для автомобиля RoverThe Bond

  • Linda Abilez

    Koda looks so ticked at you after his bath. Haha! He’s adorable.