Mt. Olympus: To the Top with Koda

Top of Olympus
Koda and I at the top of Mt. Olympus


This hike is from May 16. Koda, my buddy Steve, and I went for a hike to the top of Mount Olympus just on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley. The peak is just over 9,000 with about 4,200 feet in elevation gain.

It was a beautiful day for a hike. The temperature was perfect and most of the snow was melted. We still found plenty of snow patches for Koda to roll around in, though. We even met a man from Vancouver, WA who hadn’t trekked to the top of Olympus before and finished our hike with him. You really do meet some fun and interesting people on the mountain trails.

Koda on the scramble.

Right at the very beginning of the hike I put Koda’s new backpack on him. (He’s carrying his own dang water!) and he wasn’t quite used to the extra weight yet. The first thing that happened is he attempted to hop up a ledge, lost his balance and immediately fell onto his back. It was quite sad, but life goes on as does the hike. He did fine with his backpack after that, aside from the times that he tried to squeeze through skinny areas which his pack would not accommodate.

The majority of the hike, while gorgeous, was uneventful. However, near the top of Mt. Olympus to get to the summit you must scramble,. That is use your hands sometimes to climb up steep rocks. Koda did remarkably well at this. There were a couple of times where Steve and I had to lift him up onto some particularly high rocks, but he mostly made it up the tight rocks on his own.

That hike, while steep, is one of my favorites, and highly recommended.

Here is my Peak Bagger ascent from our hike.



Summit 20140515_122321 20140515_114836 20140515_105526 20140515_105322 20140515_104644 20140515_100222

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