Birthday Camping


I just got a new backpack and was dying to try it out! So, Kiana agreed to go dispersed camping with me (bless her soul). We drove up American Fork Canyon quite a ways and hiked a trail for a bit, then went off into the woods. We found a spot the looked nice, and set up camp. We gathered firewood, set up the tent, dug a fire pit, and built a fire.

Beforehand, we had made hobo dinners. We stuffed zucchini, chicken, potatoes, butter, and seasoning in foil packets and cooked them right on the fire. They were delicious. And afterward, we made s’mores. We just relaxed and played some fetch with Koda, that is when he wasn’t occupied chasing deer and squirrels.

During the night we heard what I assume is a moose. Deep breathing and very large footprints, but he didn’t bother us at all. It was a really cold night, but I woke up early and got another fire going.

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