Little Cloud-y

20150119_110824Yeah, it was a little foggy coming off of the top of the Little Cloud lift, but it was just the way I wanted it. Holidays at the Bird are something I usually tend to avoid. However, as there hasn’t been new snow in a little while in the Wasatch, I figured it would be better than Normal. I was mostly right. It was quite crowded at the bottom of Gadzoom, however, so I headed to Little Cloud. I couldn’t see very well, as you may be able to tell, for a few hundred vertical feet, but it quickly became okay.

The real treat of the day was the Cirque Traverse. The wind-blown bump run had plenty of rocks exposed, but my beat up board handled them like a champ. After traversing for a few minutes a took a peek over the steep edge and dropped into Lower Cirque. Wide open, fairly soft snow, though not as soft as the lower mountain, and plenty of turns. Steeps are what I live for.

Looking back up towards Gad Chutes


My last run of the day was, again, from the tram to the Cirque Traverse. This time, however, I dropped in on the other side of the traverse into Gad Chutes. Probably my favorite place on the whole mountain is in Gad Chutes right after a deep snow. The snow was soft, and the trees navigable. Soon, the cliffs around me funneled. My only way down was to hop an easy three foot cliff. Easy, but for some unknown reason I ate it. And it was steep, too. I wound up on my back, head first sliding down the chute unable to stop. Eventually, I came to a stop, after flipping head over heels a couple of times. Oh, well. The worst part of that crash was the coat full of snow.

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  • RebelYell2010

    Sounds like my run down Bootys at Red the other day!