Red Butte and Mt. Wire


Today Koda and I decided it would be a good idea to bag a couple of peaks since Kiana is out of town. The weather was pretty, but cool, and once we parked my phone notified me of a high wind advisory for Salt Lake. Oh. It’s a quick hike (we finished in about 2 hours), with a decent view of the valley and surrounding areas. We summited Red Butte (pictured above left, although the peak is not visible) and Mt. Wire (picture in the background above right).

To get to the trailhead head East on 400 S towards the University of Utah. Follow this road as it winds up the hill and around. Turn left on Wakara Way, the right on Colorow Rd. You can park along here, or possibly closer. I just parked along this road. Follow the trail up towards the mountains. (There is a spiderweb of trails up here, but as long as you take them straight up they should eventually converge into the main trail.) If you have ever hiked The Living Room before, this is the same trail.


Follow the trail up the mountain. Eventually, you will reach the fork to get to The Living Room. Don’t take that path. Instead, take the fork to the right to continue your way up. Soon, you will reach a “T” in the trail. The left side of the “T” will take you to Red Butte (about 100 feet away), then the right will eventually lead you to Mr. Wire (about a half mile). That’s it! It’s a pretty straightforward hike, with some not-so-pretty shrubbery. It’s a good thing the views make up for it.

Koda at the summit of Mt. Wire. Probably about 60 MPH winds.

Along the trail we hit ridge for a bit and the winds picked up. On top of Red Butte they were screaming. And freezing. Here’s a video to prove it:

We even saw a heard of deer along the hike!

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