Stewart Falls


A few weeks ago–yes I’m really late getting this posted–we went on a hike to Stewart Falls with our good friend Chelsey and Sean and their boy Jude. I have seen Stewart Falls from my hike to the top on Timponogos, but not from the Aspen Grove Trail. It was a warm day, but that didn’t stop us. The hike was relatively short, but the scenery was very pretty. Soon, we reached the falls and we were greeted by crowds of people. Sean and I found a way up and climbed to the top of the falls for a spectacular view. I am always looking for any excuse to get out into nature and this was a great time!

Chelsey, Jude, and Sean
Chelsey, Jude, and Sean

Sadly, Chelsey and Sean now live in Omaha. I’m not sure what kind of hiking is out there, but I imagine it can’t be anything like the canyons on Utah.


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