Bald Mountain


Well, After months of moving, settling in, and traveling, I am finally posting about one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Bald Mountain in Utah’s Uinta Mountains is a short out and back hike, about a mile one way. The altitude is pretty high, just over 12,000 feet at the top, so make sure that you are acclimated to hike uphill at that altitude. It was a little slow going for us, due to the lack of okygen at that altitude, but it was so beautiful anyway it was perfectly fine to take our time.


The trail meanders through mostly rock fields. Near the summit, the trail ran along the cliff and up steep steps made out of rock. It was a beautiful trail that had great views due to the fact that there were no mountains obstructing your view. In the Uintas there are small lakes everywhere, and it was so cool to see from the summit.